What is Vectortwist?

First and simple, Vectortwist is an online learning space where we share Adobe Illustrator knowledge, design ideas and fun projects.

It’s all about you getting more out of creating and we are here to help you solve those “I don’t know how to do that, but I want to know”situations.

We value helping others and through teaching we can do that. Acquiring new knowledge can be a life altering experience and that’s why we are here to share our knowledge with you.

Our Motto is simple: Watch, Learn, Create

Who are we?

I am Simona Pfreundner and I have been working in the graphic design field for over 10 years. I started with a desire to become a graphic designer and when I took a computer graphics program, I fell in love with the whole design process and was introduced to Adobe Illustrator.

It wasn’t a new program for me, but I knew hardly anything about it and feared the Pen Tool like the spider on the wall. After graduation, I left with a great foundation and an unstoppable love for illustrations.

Adobe Illustrator is my preferred software and being able to express my ideas with this program gave me the idea to start writing tutorials.

I have written over forty of them for sites like tutsplus, designinstruct and some others and now I create video tutorials, video courses and still freelance as a graphic designer so I constantly learn new things and then pass that knowledge on.

And then there is Kelly McKee, a talented designer, artist and photographer. Without her Vectortwist would go up in flames every time I hit the record and publish button.

She is the creative mind behind all that happens and her extensive knowledge is invaluable. Whatever gets created, she puts her finishing touches on it and transforms the pieces from GOOD to a WOW.

Her art can be seen and purchased on: ArtKecco. Enjoy her beautiful patterns and artwork!


We are two dedicated creatives with a lifelong love for learning and designing.


And How Can We Help You?

Below are the main topics offered on Vectortwist that will help you increase your creative skill set:


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