How To Create a Lucky Shamrock

In celebration of St. Patricks Day, I will show you how to create a Shamrock or Three Leaf Clover in Illustrator. This video tutorial covers techniques to speed up your workflow.

Tools used:

  • Pen Tool (T)
  • Rotate Tool (R)
  • Stroke Panel
  • Pathfinder

Once you’re done with your shamrock shape, you can take it a step further and create stickers, t-shirts, cards or posters. As usual, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!



Vectortwist Qucik Tips:

  • Turn on the Grid under View > Show Grid.
  • Use Smart Guides ( View > Smart Guides ). This helps with alignment and symmetry.
  • Make good use of the Duplicate Shortcut, one of my fav tools: CMD/CTRL + D
  • Solid Shapes and Lines combined with the Pathfinder Tools can create new shapes


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