How to Interlock Monogram Letters with the Live Paint Bucket Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC

When designing monograms or typography letters, you’ll come across the need to interlock the letters. Interlocking monogram letters can be achieved with the Pathfinder Tools, but in this tutorial I would like to show you another way by using the Live Paint Bucket Tool.

With the Live Paint Bucket Tool, we can interlock or overlap the letters we’ve chosen in a much more intuitive and non destructive way. As the name suggests, the Live Paint Bucket Tool is a live tool.

Shapes that are turned into a Live Paint Group stay fully editable. This means when you move or adjust your path’s shape, the colors that had been previously applied move with it.

This method works well when designing monograms or logos where you need elements of your shapes overlapping others.


Vectortwist Tips on the Live Paint Bucket Tool:

  • Find the Live Paint Bucket Tool in your Toolbar underneath the Shape Builder Tool. Keyboard shortcut is K
  • If you select a color from a the Swatches panel, the pointer changes to display three colors . The selected color is in the middle, and the two adjacent colors are on either side.
  • Click a shape to fill it with the color you’ve selected.


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