Plexiglass Text Effect

I have been stuck in a colorful text and typography face these days and played around with transparency and gradients the other day to create a new Plexiglass Text Effect. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Colored Plexiglass Text Effect for type and other shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

This effect can easily be applied to other fonts or shapes and is really fun to make. So dive right in and learn how to create a 3D Plexiglass Text Effect look by adding shadows and highlights to your shapes using opacity modes and gradients. You’ll also learn how to make your own custom art brush for adding highlights to your Illustrator objects.


Vectortwist Tips on Text Effects with Adobe Illustrator:

  • Make sure to outline your text: Type > Create Outlines (SHIFT+COMMAND/CTLR+0)
  • Make use of the Transparency Setting and try out different Opacity Modes
  • Gradients Color Stops can be set to 0% Opacity for Highlight Effects
  • Also check out the last Text Effect: Create a Broken Glass Text Effect


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