Illustrator Wood Branch Brushes & Leaf Brushes


8 High-Quality Hand Drawn Vector Wood Branch Brush Set for Illustrator. Included are also 5 leaf Art Brushes (Apple, Cherry, Aspen, Maple and Chestnut leaves) plus 2 bonus brushes, a White Flower Art Brush and a Splatter Brush. 15 brushes altogether for Adobe Illustrator 2021 & Legacy.

High-Quality Hand Drawn Wood Branch Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. The set also included 5 hand drawn leaves, Apple, Cherry, Aspen, Maple and Chestnut leaves and two White Flower brushes, one Art Brush for drawing flowers onto your designs and one Splatter Brush for easily filling backgrounds and adding details to your artwork.

All brushes were hand-made, from start to finish and have a whimsical feel to it. The brushes are great to use for whimsical drawings like wreaths and lettering to create beautiful greeting cards, wallpapers or posters. They can also be used to give a hand drawn feel to your illustrations and are simply fun to work with.

What is included:

  • 2 AI files; (Illustrator 2021, Illustrator CC-Legacy)


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