Why Learn Adobe Illustrator ?

You may be wondering why you should bother learning a new tool when you already work with Photoshop or InDesign.

You may be wondering why you should bother learning a new tool when you already work with Photoshop or InDesign. Or you are all new to all of them and you might wonder again, is it Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop I should be tackling? Not to your surprise, I vote for Illustrator! There are many reason I love this program, from the ability to create clean scalable graphics to the challenges to make a realistic looking piece. I want to convince you to learn Adobe Illustrator and here are great reason why:

Why You Should Learn Adobe Illustrator:

You Can Create Clean Beautiful Vector Graphics

Adobe Illustrator is a vector based program. This means that your graphics are scalable and no matter want size you need it will never look pixelated. You can create icons, web assets, backgrounds and vector art.

Learn Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphic


You Can Create Cartoons

Do you have a cute cartoon idea? A monster waiting to be drawn? Adobe Illustrator’s Pen Tool will be the choice and once you fill it with colors, all your little characters can come to life.

Learn Adobe Illustrator Cartoons


You Can Use it For Web Design

When creating a wireframe or a look for a website, pixel perfection is the end goal. With Adobe Illustrator you can set this up with grids and snap everything into its place. Illustrator offers a series of web and device profiles to start your design and the color space is already set to RGB, the units are already set to pixels and “Aligning New Objects to Pixel Grid” is turned on automatically.

Learn Adobe Illustrator Website Design


You Can Create Logos

It is best to create you logo in a vector format, hence go with Adobe Illustrator. This is great because it is resolution independent and sizing it up and down won’t result in loss of quality. Sometimes a client wants a special color for their logo and applying those spot or pantone colors in Illustrator is easy, especially if you need to make changes on the fly.

Learn Adobe Illustrator Create Logos


You Can Create Pattern

Are you crazy about patterns? Maybe you want to create a pattern for textile or for a packaging. Illustrator has a Pattern Tool and creating those lovely pattern is just plain fun!

Learn Adobe Illustrator Patterns


You Can Create Line Art

With the ability to create your own brushes and their precision, Adobe Illustrator is the number one for creating line art. If you have tons of sketches and you want to turn them into digital line art, with Illustrator the “inking” becomes easy.

Learn Adobe Illustrator Line Art


You Can Save Your Graphics in SVG Format

SVG is good for the web, it bypasses the problem of screen resolutions and with all those different devices out there, you can export your graphic in SVG format and no matter what device it is viewed on, retina or not, it will look good. SVG is a simplified vector format and if you need a large size graphic as a jpg or png it could become large in size. No one wants to wait for the image to load in the browser. SVG is lightweight and to get a bit geeky, SVG is built with XML, the contents of an SVG file can be manipulated and styled and even animated, and that all with code.

Learn Adobe Illustrator SVG Options


You Can Use it Without Knowledge of Drawing

You can learn Adobe Illustrator even if you do not have the skills of drawing or sketching. Everybody can learn its tool and with that knowledge you can create great graphics.

Learn Adobe Illustrator create anything



All reasons and the great tools Adobe Illustrator has, I hope you will see now why I love it so much. At the same time I hope I have encouraged you to give Adobe Illustrator a try or a other look. It’s a complex application, but I am here help you. Learning Illustrator is easier than you think! Check out VectorTwist’s Youtube Channel – Adobe Illustrator Tutorials and learn this great software now.

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Simona Pfreundner has been teaching Adobe Creative Suite since 2008 through written tutorials, instructional video courses and classroom teaching. With 15 years experience in the graphic design field as an agency, in-house and freelance designer, her love for art and drawing has enabled her develop an approachable and intuitive style of teaching that helps people learn graphic design software in a fun and easy way.

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