Create Drop Shadows in Illustrator

Create Drop Shadows in Illustrator, the easy way!

A new tutorial is live on youtube that explains how to create a neat drop shadow without using the drop shadow effect. This effect works great when you need a movable and adjustable shadow effect in Illustrator. 

Check out the Adobe Illustrator video now:


Tips on Creating Drop Shadows:

  • Find the classic Drop Shadow Effect in Illustrator under Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow
  • Use the Feather Effect (Effect > Stylize > Feather) for movable shadows
  • Dramatic shadows can be created my using the Feather Effect or the Gradient Tool with transparency stops
  • Remember to set the object with Feather Effect to Multiply in the Opacity Settings
  • There are always more than one way to create stuff in Adobe Illustrator 🙂

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