How To Make Beautiful Hand Lettering in Adobe Illustrator CC

Vectorizing your letterforms doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t take the art of knowing how to use the Pen Tool either.

In this video we are going to make beautiful hand lettering in Adobe illustrator CC. With the help of the Curvature Tool and the Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC, we will turn a simple sketch into custom hand lettering.

The Curvature tool simplifies path creation and makes drawing easy and intuitive. If you are new to Adobe Illustrator and the Pen Toll seems too complicated, why not try out the Curvature Tool. It was introduced in October 2014 to Adobe Illustrator CC. The tool enables you to create, toggle, edit, add, or remove points – all with the same tool. That means you do not have to switch between different tools to work quickly with paths.

The width tool was introduced early on in CS5 and with it you can create variable-width strokes on a path. It is a live feature, meaning your path stays the same unless you expand the appearance.

So let’s start experimenting and let’s create a custom vector hand lettering!

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