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I’m going to show you how to create this gold coin token. This is a really fun project and I’m working of course in Illustrator and I’m going to show you how I set up all the parts with really easy and simple shapes.

Firs set a black stroke and then with the ellipse tool we’re going to create an ellipse on the artboard. Click once on the artboard, set 320 pixels for the width and 170 pixels for the height.

Let’s increase our stroke to three or four points. Then grab the ellipse and create a copy onto the bottom, about 50 or 60 points away, it all depends how thick you want your gold coin to be.

Then switch to the Rectangle tool and since we already know the width of our ellipse it’s 320 pixels we’re going to set the same for the rectangle.

Select all of the shapes and select the Shape Builder tool to merge the shapes together and delete the others we don’t need.

Let’s grab the top shape and create a copy into the front.

Now with the free transform tool let’s shrink it down. create just one more copy and push it to the bottom. Use the Shape Builder tool one more time and delete the bottom shape.

Once that’s done click once in the middle and once on top.

Next we need a diamond shape. The easiest way to create a diamond shape is work with the Rectangle tool. Create a square on the Artboard, Then with the Free Transform tool, rotate it 45 degrees and then go back to the Scale tool. Make sure that your reference point is set into the middle and then simply grab the anchor point on top and push it up.

Now we have the outline of our gold coin token.

In the next step we’re going to color the shapes. We’re going to be starting with our diamond shape here in the middle with gradients and color the other shapes accordingly. You can easily change the gradient slider colors via the Gradient panel.

Now all we have to do is add some highlights and some shadows. Let’s add a shadow below our diamond shape. Create a copy into the back and then push it to the bottom and then we’re going to give it the darkest color. Grab the top anchor point with the direct selection tool and move it to the outside on the left and then the other anchor point move it to the outside shape of the diamond on the right.

The next step is to create some highlights. Create a copy of the circle to the front and then turn off the fill and add a white stroke.

Cut it once the bottom, and then on top. Delete the rest and with the Width tool make it just a little bit thicker and make sure that the end points are really small.

Do the same thing for the inside,

Change the bottom shape by cutting it into pieces. Select it and with the Knife tool while holding the Option or Alt key, cut straight through the middle. Now we have two shapes where we want to arrange our gradient a little bit.

We’re almost done. All we have to do is create an outline around our gold coin. Grab the top shape, the inside and the outside shape and then with the Shape Builder tool merge all of it together. Switch the fill to a stroke and probably set it to three or four points. Make sure to set the stoke to the outside in the Stroke Panel and now you’ve created a gold coin token.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you in the next tutorial and until then happy creating!

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