Vectortwist’s 12 Days of Christmas

Watch Unique Illustrator Quick Tip Videos

On December the 13th, we are going to start the 12 Days of Christmas Series.

For 12 days in a row I will be releasing unique quick tip videos. These 12 short tutorials will help you get super efficient in Illustrator and every single one is worth watching.

  1. How to Pick Colors from Gradients in Illustrator
  2. Create a Snowflake using Illustrator as a Calculator
  3. How to Create a Reindeer with only the Shape Builder Tool
  4. Select Colors the Easy Way
  5. How to Draw Efficiently with the Pencil Tool
  6. Hidden Gems in the Appearance Panel (Create a Retro Text Effect)
  7. How to Use the Knife Tool Effectively
  8. Speedy Artboards Tricks
  9. How to use Groups and Layers Efficiently
  10. How to Reset the Bounding Box
  11. Hidden Gems in the Align Panel
  12. Pen Tool Tricks

Check the blog daily, you don’t want to miss a single one.

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