BLEND TOOL – Create Tubular Effects (Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorial)

In this Illustrator video tutorial, we’ll create a 3D tubular text effect using the BLEND TOOL in Adobe Illustrator. Create any custom text using the Pen or Pencil tool and apply this 3D tube effect to the letters. If you like typography effects and Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial is right for you!

With some gradients and shapes we’ll use the Blend Tool and add the effect to text. We’ll learn how to adjust the Blend Tool Settings and create awesome 3d Tube effects when applied to type. Check out the video now to see the whole process.

Also check out my Blend Tool Tips Article or How to Create a Tubular Ampersand.

Here are some 3D Tube Text Effect examples that were created with the Blend Tool:

The Blend Tool can also create neat geometric gradient patterns. Learn how to do that in another tutorial “Create Geometric Gradient Patterns”

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