Create Geometric Flowers in Illustrator

Create Fast Geometric Flowers in Adobe Illustrator Vectortwist

Colorful flowers are great to look at and always make me smile. Because they are so beautiful, let’s create Geometric Flowers in Illustrator the fast and easy way.

In this quick tip, you’ll learn how to create them simply with a line that has a stroke applied and I’ll show you how you can tweak the stroke settings and work with opacity modes to create really neat looking geometric flowers. You’ll even discover how to set dashed lines to create more geometric flowers in different styles.

Watch the tutorial now:

Color combinations used in this tutorial can be found at ArtKecco Colors


Tips on the Stroke Panel:

  • In the Stroke Panel, try different Weights, Caps and Corner settings
  • Apply a different Profile to your stroke. You can find several profile options on the bottom of the Stroke Panel
  • Combine Dashed Lines with Rounded Cap and Corners settings for your stroke
  • Setting the first Dash at 0 and the Gap and a higher number when using the Dashed Line settings for the stroke will create circles instead of dashes.
  • And last but not least, when increasing or decreasing the values for the stroke or dashed lines, place the cursor in the field and then increase or decrease the value by using the arrow keys “UP” or “Down” on your keyboard.

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