Create a Flat Style Ice Cream Illustration in Illustrator

This Illustrator Tutorial is easy to follow and in no time you'll be creating awesome ice cream illustration

Ok, who doesn’t love Ice Cream? Seriously, next to chocolate, it’s the world’s best thing! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cute ice cream illustration in the popular flat icon style and we’ll of course use Illustrator to do this.

This Illustrator Tutorial is easy to follow and in no time you’ll be creating awesome ice cream illustrations just like the one you see below 🙂

Ice Cream Illustration

Let’s get started with the Ice Cream Illustration!

Step 1

Create a rectangular shape with the Rectangle Tool (M) and fill it with the color of your choice. I picked orange.

Step 2

Next, select the shape and with the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the top two anchor points and in the Transform Panel uncheck the link icon for the round corners and add for the top left and right a value of 117pt.

Step 3

Repeat this with the two bottom anchor points and add a value of 36pt for the rounded corner option in the Transform Panel.

Step 4

Select the shape and go to Object > Path > Offset Path.

Step 5

In the pop-up window add a negative value of -26pt and press OK.

Step 6

Turn off the fill and add a lighter color for the Stroke. Set the Stroke value to 14pt.

Step 7

Then select the Scissors Tool (C) in the toolbar.

Step 8

Cut the shape with the stroke in pieces by using the Scissors Tool. You want to click at least twice on the path.


Step 9

With the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the part of the path you do not want and hit delete on the keyboard. Then select the path with the stroke color that is left and apply the Rounded Cap in the Stroke Panel.

Step 10

Add a circle with a fill in the same color as the path with the stroke. Set the size to 14 pt.

Step 11

Then go back to your original shape and add a dark grey for the stroke. The stroke value can be anything. I chose 8 pt.

Step 12

Next we are going to create the mouth of the ice cream illustration. Create a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M) and add the dark grey color as a fill.

Step 13

Then with the shapes selected add rounded corners via the Transform Panel. Set the value for the top left and right in a lower value than the bottom.

Step 14

Keep the shape selected and choose the Draw Inside Option on the bottom of the Toolbar.

Step 15

Any shape or path that is now added will be clipped to the mouth shape. Create a circle with the Ellipse Tool (L) and fill it with red. Move the circle to the bottom so only the top half can be seen.

Step 16

Now it’s time to place your mouth shape onto the ice cream shape.

Ice Cream Illustration

Step 17

Let’s add some detail to the ice cream face. Select the main ice cream shape and select the Draw Inside Option on the bottom of the Toolbar. Then create a long rectangle with rounded corners on the top and fill it with a lighter color.  Place it directly into the middle and push it to the bottom.


Ice Cream Illustration

Step 18

Now it’s time to add some cheeks. Create two small circles and fill them with red. Place one on each side of the mouth shape.

Ice Cream Illustration

Step 19

For the eyes we’ll create some circles. First, create a bigger circle filled with dark grey, then create a smaller circle filled with a light orange and then a tiny circle below. Now place the light orange circles on top of the bigger dark grey one. Select all of the circles and group them (CMD/CTRL+G).

Step 20

Place the eye on one side of the main shape and then create a copy of it and place it on the other side.

Ice Cream Illustration

Step 21

Now we’ll create the ice cream stick. Create a rectangle and fill it with a light brown and add the same stroke thickness and color that you added to the main shape (see Step 11). Then select the shape and apply some rounded corners via the Transform Panel.

Step 22

Again, select the shape and apply the Draw Inside Option.

Step 23

Then create a line with a darker brown as the stroke color, add a small stroke of maybe 4 pt.

Step 24

Then create copies of the Path. You can easily do this by selecting the Path, then press and hold CMD/CTRL+OTPION/ALT and drag a copy below and with the Path still selected, then press CMD/CTRL+D in order to duplicate the copy step. Duplicate the Path until the ice cream stick is filled.

Step 25

This is the final look of the ice cream stick with the lines drawn inside the main shape.

Step 26

Now place your ice cream stick underneath the main shape. You’ve created your flat style ice cream illustration!

Ice Cream Illustration



Here you see some color variations of this cute ice cream icon that we’ve created in Illustrator!

Ice Cream Illustration


Illustrator is a great software to create flat style illustrations. Sometimes it only takes just a few simple shapes to create cute icons like the ice cream illustration we just made together.

Leave a comment or send me your creations to get a chance to be published on the upcoming community page!

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