Create Multiple Artboards in Illustrator with Scripts

Sometimes you just create away and you end up with all of your icons or designs gathered on one large Artboard because you forgot to set up multiple Artboards right from the start.

Now you have two options in order to create the Artboards you need.

Option One: Create all of your Artboards with the Artboard Tool or,

Option Two: Open up a new document and set the desired number of Artboards in the Document Option Window and add your shapes to the new document.

Both options are time consuming and tedious and you might end up super frustration and start having the desire to pull out your hair. So please don’t do that, because there is:

Option Three: Using an Illustrator Script!

Really, in this case you can use an Illustrator script to create all these multiple Artboards that you need for your designs, may it be for icons, shapes or logos.

So I did a little bit of searching (since I don’t have the knowledge of writing Illustrator Scripts, nor do I have the desire to learn it) and found a free script that creates multiple Artboards (<– click to download) to your icons (Thanks Qwertyfly… @ Adobe Forum).

How to use a script to create multiple Artboards

It’s an older script but it works well. Check out how to use it below in the video. I hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial!

Vectortwist Tips on Artboards in Illustrator:

  • Create as many Artboards as you need (now you can create up to 1000) in the “New Document Settings” ( File > New > )
  • Work with the Artboard Tool in the left Toolbar to resize or create additional Artboards
  • You can rename and reorganize your Artboards via the Artboard Panel ( Window > Artboards )
  • Work with the Properties Panel ( Window > Properties ) to change units, size, orientation or even delete Artboards

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