Seamless Christmas Pattern – Illustrator Tutorial

Even though the Winter hasn’t really started and no snow covered streets and mountains, I have been totally inspired to create some really colorful, fun and playful seamless Christmas patterns. This tutorial focuses on creating simple shapes and setting them up with the “Grid” and the “Snap to Grid”, the Pattern Tool and the Recolor Artwork Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Let’s Get Started!

Vectortwist Tips on Pattern Creation:

  • When creating patterns, work with the Grid ( View > Show Grid ) and turn on “Snap to Grid( View > Snap To Grid )
  • Use the Pattern Tool ( Object > Pattern > Make )
  • Change the bounding box of your pattern via the Pattern Options Window by selecting the Pattern Tile Tool
  • Make sure that “Size Tile to Art” and “Move Tile with Art” is unchecked
  • Move shapes and elements around when in Pattern Editing Mode ( simply double-click your Pattern Swatch in the Swatches Panel to open the Pattern Options Window ) to change the arrangement of your pattern
  • Use the “Recolor Artwork Tool( Object > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork ), just make sure you selected the artwork you want to recolor



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